Many people have no clue where to start in selecting their granite. Sales associates are there to help show you around, but the final decision, and the one who has to live with it daily, is you. So the easiest way to get started is to remember these 3 simple items: Price, Color and Pattern.

  1. Price – this is something you can go over with your Fabricator and/or Contractor prior tocoming to the yard. Since the Granite yards do not give out individual pricing, it is easier if you

    can get a budget idea from your fabricator for the different levels.

  2. Color – People usually bring in cabinet samples, but this might not be a driving force behindyour color selection. I always advise people to look for whatever makes a color statement in

    your area. This could be a piece of Art, Fabric, Paint, Tile, Pottery……etc.

  3. Pattern – How much or how little do you want? The general rule of thumb is that the heavierthe “movement” or “pattern” in a granite the more expensive that piece will be. Some have

    a heavy pattern in their flooring or in their cabinets and want their granite to be more subtle.

    Some want their granite to be that “wow factor” in their kitchen.

You can keep these items in mind while looking online at the different colors and styles out there. Keep in mind that what is on the internet is not always what you find in the yards today. Once you have a general idea of what you would like, you can always go to or and see if they have a picture of that idea. Happy hunting!