If there are, please read this recent study performed in Stone Quarries (deep in the ground).  Here workers are quarrying out granite all day every day.  If it is not harmful to them….well then we can all do the math!  Right?

Radon Exposure No Concern to Quarry Workers

April 2014 – In order to extract the beautiful granite rock that adorns so many countertops, floors and building facades in the United States, skilled quarry workers must saw or blast the raw granite into blocks to remove it from the quarry location for further fabrication. Given that soil and rock slowly and naturally emit radon gas, some sought out to study whether these men and women who work so close to the earth face any elevated risk of radon exposure.

The study, conducted by Environmental Health & Engineering of Cambridge, MA, proves that workers in granite quarries do not face risk of elevated expose to radon. In fact, air monitoring conducted as part of this study found that the radon concentrations measured at varying heights in a deep quarry in Vermont, selected to represent a ‘worst-case’ scenario because of the depth and high natural background radon, were all less than 0.3 picocuries per liter (pCi/L). This observed value is less than the average background radon concentration in the United States. To see a copy of the study, click here.