So many things in today’s world are driven by media.  Any of the current “Home” magazines will show WHITE on the counter tops.  Is this the reason we are all drawn to this color?  Now, I am not the type of person who would buy white, just because it was popular, or because some one told me to select that color.  In fact, I would probably go in the opposite direction…HA HA!  Many people are still drawn to that LOOK….so, ie..the question …why?  It is timeless, it is clean, it is neutral, are just 3 of the great reasons to buy white! Three of the most popular cabinet colors today are Black/Mocha/Ebony, White, and Grey, and guess what?  They all look great with White Counter Tops!!!

Now comes the big decision….Marble, Granite or Quartzite?  Granite is the high performer of the three natural options.  It has low absorbance,  high scratch resistance, and is acid resistant.  The Marble has beautiful flowing lines, but it scratches, stains and etches easily. Quartzite’s performance depends on it’s mineral make-up.  Sometimes it shows more marble tendencies and sometimes more granite.  Which ever way you choose your “White”, I am sure it will be the Kitchen of your dreams!